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If you are missing all or some of your teeth, dentures could be the solution to restore your smile and chewing ability. Dentures are removable, and are often referred to as dental plates or false teeth. There are generally two kinds of dentures:

  1. Full or Complete dentures
  2. Partial dentures

Full Dentures/Complete Dentures

Full dentures or complete dentures are ideally the choice when a person is missing all their teeth. There are two ways to fabricate a set of complete dentures.

(1) Generally patients get their teeth extracted and wait for 6 months for the gums to heal and then get these dentures made. However, this method is not the ideal choice for most as people find it hard to socialize and work without teeth.  So most of the time, the next treatment of choice is what we do, and it's called "Immediate Dentures."

(2) Immediate dentures are a treatment planned when a patient has their teeth and has decided to get them all removed, as the teeth cannot be saved due to gum disease or extensive decay.

Impressions (molds) are taken and dentures are fabricated before the actual extraction. The patient then has their teeth removed and the dentures are delivered the same day.  These dentures do need to be adjusted several times, and are relined often during the 6 month phase while the normal healing and bone-shrinking associated with extractions occurs.

Once the healing is complete a final hard reline is frequently done; most patients adapt very well.  Patients do take some time to adapt to dentures, but the majority of our patients do very well with this practical and economical solution.

Partial Dentures

Partial Dentures are used when a person is missing some teeth in an upper or lower arch. There are generally two kinds of partial dentures:

  • Cast partial dentures
  • Resin partial dentures

Cast partial dentures are generally more sturdy and fit well as it has a metal framework that is fabricated in the lab that supports it. The resin partial dentures are also sometimes known as interim partials as they are used when patient has just lost their teeth and bone healing is not complete. This kind of partial is mostly made of acrylic material and some metal wires attaching them to teeth.

Patients need to take appropriate care to maintain their full and partial dentures. With proper care these appliances can last a very long time. Dr Pai at Broadway Family Dentistry will help patients on proper methods to take care and clean the dentures.

Dentures can restore your smile, speech and chewing function. A beautiful smile boosts confidence and improves quality of life.

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